Our Products--Cold and Hot Impact Test Chamber

It is a 1080-liter large cold and hot impact chamber ideal for testing large-sized modules such as solar panel,automobile battery module.Test standards are *MIL-STD-883G *MIL-STD-202G *IEC60068-2-14 *GB/T2423.22 *EIAJ-ED-4701
High Speed Type meets IEC 60068-2-14(Edition6.0)(Test Na)standard of recover time within 3 minutes (-55℃/30min~125℃/30min.)Test standards are *MIL-STD-883G *MIL-STD-202G *IEC60068-2-14 *GB/T2423.22 *EIAJ-ED-4701
500 continuous duty cycle operation, suitable for product development, semiconductor, and automobile parts which require tests in a long period of time, can shorten 30% of test time to increase test efficiency and to advance products timeline of entering the market.Test standards are *MIL-STD-883G *MIL-STD-202G *IEC60068-2-14 *GB/T2423.22 *EIAJ-ED-4701