About Us--

GW Alliance Technology (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd, established in April 2013, is a third-party testing center jointly invested by GW Instek and EMIC.

With respect to China‘s exuberant development in various industrial sectors, the standards of products‘ reliability and safety  have become stricter than ever, and products‘ life cycle is also shorter than ever. The procurement of product reliability and safety test equipments that various business sectors invested in is no longer cost-and-effective. To reduce the equipment procurement cost, many business sectors are entrusting more of their test service to test centers. 

We intend to provide the world with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality reliability and safety test services.  Our reliability test services include constant temperature and constant humidity test, cold and hot hose down test, vibration test, temperature and humidity with vibration combined test 

We introduce  HITACHI environmental test equipments, and Japanese EMIC vibration test equipments that are both with the best quality and functionality to wholeheartedly serve various and wide business sectors in meeting various test requirements.