About Us--Chairman's Remarks

As of 2010, in the wake of China‘s strategic position of the 3C industries, China‘s automobile market size has for the first time surpassed that of the U.S. and has occupied the number one position in the world automobile markets. The swift economic development has encouraged the demand of automobiles to steadily increase. It is a necessary trend that the domestic automobile market be transformed to nationalization with the conditions of the expanded market size and economic advantages. A grand opportunity for indigenous automobile parts manufacturers, therefore, emerges under this trend. The interaction between the economic advantages and localized parts manufacturing will definitely prop up China‘s prosperous automobile development.      

The mission of GW Alliance Technology (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd is to support the technologies and product development of automobile parts manufacturing so as to ensure products‘ reliability and trustworthiness. We intend to actively render our efforts to China‘s automobile development by providing environmental test services including temperature, humidity and vibration tests to elevate automobile quality and reliability.

GW Alliance Technology (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd was established by combining capital and technologies from three veteran test equipment companies‘ key test technologies from both Taiwan and Japan 

Hitachi SE, an air conditioning giant, a subsidiary company of Hitachi and a manufacturer of constant temperature and constant humidity test equipments, is responsible for providing equipments and technologies. Its brand, technologies and products are high-precision and high reliability.

EMIC, providing capital and technologies and being a company with more than 50 years of history, has occupied a very important position in the world vibration test arena. Its products enjoy a very high reputation in the Japanese automobile sector. EMIC‘s long company history has accumulated abundant vibration test technologies and know-how. 

Both EMIC and Hitachi SE have provided test services to the Japanese automobile sector and the 3C industries for many years. GW Instek, a company with almost 40 years of history providing the world with test and measurement products, has enjoyed a good reputation and has rooted in China for two decades to provide services to both Taiwan and China.  

GW Alliance Technology (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd, incorporating three companies‘ solid foundation in test capabilities, provides reliable and trustworthy test equipments and technology consultation to fulfill the mission of elevating the technologies of the domestic automobile sector and the 3C industries. GW Alliance Technology (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd will abide by the principles of professionalism, reliability and service and combine three major test companies‘ technological backgrounds to provide customers with the best test services and consultation. Hitachi, EMIC and GW Instek, with the shared beliefs, will actively contribute efforts in the development of the domestic automobile sector and the 3C industries.